Celebrity and Media Praise for TPC-Edited Books:

Murder in the News by Robert H. Jordan Jr. (Prometheus, 2017)

“Murder in the News is a must-read, especially now when crime and punishment, violence and addiction are once again dominating news coverage in Chicago and other cities—big and small—across the country. The book provides crucial context for the scourge and sorrow and how the media handles and mishandles the story every evening at six. I’ve known and admired Robert H. Jordan Jr. for decades as a fair, honest, and courageous journalist. Murder in the News shows he has not changed a bit. 

—Rev. Jesse Jackson

Death of a Messenger by Robert McCaw (Langdon Street Press, 2015)

“. . . The author masterfully displays a finely balanced mixture of detective work, local color, and interpersonal melodrama. This winning combination is typically the mark of a seasoned writer, so this debut novel may exceed the expectations of many readers. McCaw keeps the sure-footed plotline suitably tight . . . A tautly paced, impressively accomplished police procedural marking the beginning of a promising mystery series.”

KIRKUS review 

– Newspaper publisher, Chicago

“I have never had an author who didn’t appreciate your work. They adore you!”

– Production coordinator, Salem Communications

“I’m very appreciative of all the fine work you’ve done for me in editing my manuscript. I’ll be honest. . . . I really did not want to spend the extra money for editing . . . but as they say . . . you get what you pay for. . . . I am in awe of all the ways you are suggesting I make my book better . . . and am so glad I spent the extra money because I believe you are worth every penny I spent! Thanks so much!

 –  Nonfiction author, on behalf Hillcrest Media Group/Mill City Press

“Thanks for your thorough work, [and for] your exceptional professionalism and ethics. You are, by far, the most pleasant person I’ve dealt with on this project. I really appreciate it.”

– Independent fiction author

“I owe a special debt of thanks to Tricia Parker, book editor at MCP Books. In working through both the developmental and copy edits for this book, she was professional, insightful, and meticulous to detail. She offered many helpful suggestions that resulted in an improved manuscript. In particular, I thank her for encouraging me to insert more of my own narrative and for giving me the confidence to do so. This addition, at her insistence and my initial reluctance, had two positive outcomes. First, it made for smoother transitions from chapter to chapter. Second, and more importantly, interjecting my own impressions and recollections brought me closer to one of my main objectives: to more fully appreciate and understand my father—the “essential” Ed Koterba.

– Ed Koterba, author of The Essential Ed Koterba

“Tricia Parker is a gifted editor. She not only could see where we wanted the trajectory of our story to end up, but she also helped us get there. Faraway: A Suburban Boy’s Story as a Victim of Sex Trafficking is a reality today because of her hard work. I co-wrote this book with the victim. It was his story. Tricia had the skill and forthrightness to see that the body of the work needed to retain its core without the book reading like a journal. I recommend her editorial services without hesitation.

– Daniel D. Maurer, co-author, Faraway: A Suburban Boy’s Story as a Victim of Sex Trafficking

“This proposal is ready for prime time. Great work.”

– Literary agent specializing in nonfiction books

I’m just so darned impressed.”

 –  Fiction author, on behalf of Hillcrest Media Group/Mill City Press

“As I navigate through the red track changes in the manuscript I have a newfound appreciation for dear Tricia who made so many fabulous suggestions with word usage. Hats off to you! . . . It is crawling, tedious work but incorporating Tricia’s astute advice is making the story better. Thanks to both of you for a job well done!”

– Fiction author, on behalf of Hillcrest Media Group/Two Harbors Press

“GREAT work. The manuscript reads quite well now. Thank you.”

– Nonfiction author, on behalf of Hillcrest Media Group/Mill City Press

“I’m working through your revisions of my manuscript and I think they are excellent.”

– Nonfiction author, on behalf of Hillcrest Media Group/Mill City Press

“Thank you so much for all your insights and your careful, straightforward analysis of my work. I look forward to diving back into my manuscript once again with a renewed sense of purpose and a much clearer direction.”

– Independent fiction author

“Regarding the second round of developmental edits, I very much appreciate your help and encouragement. My manuscript is much improved because of it.

– Nonfiction author, on behalf of Hillcrest Media Group

“I read your editorial letter, book proposal, and manuscript and everything is terrific! I absolutely love what you did with it.  I doubt that I would change anything.”

– Independent nonfiction author

“I got your comments and appreciate them very much. I couldn’t have asked for anything more instructive and useful . . . Will I work with you on the back cover copy? Hope so; it’s been a good experience.”

Nonfiction author, on behalf of Hillcrest Media Group/Two Harbors Imprint

 “Thanks as ever for your great work! You are . . . appreciated by the staff of Hillcrest.”

 –  Editorial coordinator, Hillcrest Media Group

“Please extend my thanks to Tricia Parker for her editorial review of the manuscript. She has a keen eye, which I very much appreciate.”

– Nonfiction author, on behalf of Hillcrest Media Group/Mill City Press

“I think what Tricia has done is great. (The copy) is a lot cleaner and clearer. I liked what I saw.”

– Digital marketing agency client

“Tricia was very thorough in helping our business to grow, thanks to her amazing writing skills. She has helped us many years by editing business documents. Her attention to detail and creativity are excellent.”

– Patrick B., Certified Financial Advisor