Book Editing Services – Payment Policies

Payment Policies

Due Dates

For all book editing services, half of the total fees are due at the commencement of the project, and the other half are due prior to TPC’s submission of our final round of edits to you. TPC accepts both checks and payments through PayPal.

Word Count 

For manuscripts above 10,000 words, we assess our editorial fee based on your initial word count. Should your final word count rise by more than 1,000 in the last “round” we submit to you, we will add an additional fee based on the total number of added words. For example, a 65,000-word book in need of copyediting (3.5 cents/word) would incur a fee of $1,950.  If the final manuscript had 3,000 more words than the original, total fees would be $2,040.


At the beginning of each project, TPC will work with you to determine a reasonable timeline for completing your book. Typical timelines for projects (including author’s response time) with 100,000 words or fewer are: 10 business days for proofreading services, 40 business days for copyediting services, 80 business days for developmental editing services, and 120 business days for heavy developmental services.

Rush Fees

Projects that must be completed before the aforementioned timelines will incur a 15 percent “rush fee,” based on the book’s initial word count.

Special Circumstances

TPC understands that every book editing project is unique. Should you find yourself facing “special circumstances” (e.g., a rapidly approaching deadline that only gives you time for one “round” of heavy copyediting), we’d be happy to speak with you and try to accommodate your needs.