Chicago Press, Celebrities Praise TPC-edited Book by Veteran WGN Journalist

Chicago media, including Chicago Magazine, WTTW-TV, and the Daily Herald, recently praised TPC-edited Murder in the News by veteran news anchor Robert Jordan. In the book, published by Prometheus (November 2017), the esteemed WGN journalist examines why certain murders receive more coverage than others. He also examines the newsgathering process during murder coverage. Along with receiving positive media reviews, the work also garnered praise from Rev. Jesse Jackson and other notable personalities:

Murder in the News is a muMurder in the News Reviewst-read, especially now when crime and punishment, violence and addiction are once again dominating news coverage in Chicago and other cities—big and small—across the country. The book provides crucial context for the scourge and sorrow and how the media handles and mishandles the story every evening at six. I’ve known and admired Robert H. Jordan Jr. for decades as a fair, honest, and courageous journalist. Murder in the News shows he has not changed a bit.”
—Rev. Jesse Jackson

“‘If it bleeds it leads’ doesn’t mean what it used to. Jordan deftly examines how violent crime and murders are covered by television news and how some victims’ families may feel that their loved ones have been forgotten. His book successfully pulls the curtain back on news coverage.”
—Jeff Pegues, CBS News correspondent and author of Black and Blue

“There is no better source on television news in Chicago than Robert H. Jordan Jr., no one more seasoned, astute, and compassionate. Murder in the News is an insightful must-read for both the consumers of the news and those of us who endeavor to cover these fascinating stories.”
—John Quiñones, ABC News anchor and correspondent

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