Q: Which genres do you edit in?

A: TPC edits in all genres. Tricia Parker has extensive experience editing in both fiction and nonfiction, including fantasy, science fiction, literary fiction, memoir, middle-grade, and business.

Q: What level of editing should I consider? Will you advise me on that?

A: TPC’s process is to offer a suggested level of editing once we have a look at the manuscript; you will then be free to go with our suggestion, or request your own level of editing. We edit based on four “levels” – proofreading (level one), copyediting, developmental editing, and heavy developmental editing. Usually it takes TPC about a week to return with some thoughts.

Q: Will you be offering any other written advice besides your comments in the manuscript?

A: Yes, we accompany each “round” of edits with a detailed “editorial letter” outlining our changes and suggestions. In certain cases we will also make suggestions before editing commences.

Q: Are phone calls included in your packages?

A: Yes, TPC offers hour-long phone calls after each round of edits (excluding proofreads), to answer any questions the author might have about the editing process.  We also provide phone and e-mail support in the case of urgent questions.

Q: Can you tell me more about your pricing for shorter manuscripts, including children’s books?

A: TPC assesses a $300 flat fee for books with fewer than 10,000 words, including picture books,  chapter books, and certain middle-grade manuscripts. This encompasses as many rounds of editing TPC and the author deem necessary, as well as a 60-minute phone call after each round of edits.  Though a book may have a low word count, editing short books is still time consuming from the standpoint of making sure all words are age appropriate, making sure all images correspond with the text, and ensuring the overall story structure is sound.

Q: How should I send my book to you?

A: We welcome both electronic and “snail-mailed” submissions; electronic submissions may be sent to: We ask that you please send the whole manuscript in one Microsoft Word document.

Q: How long will it take to receive my edits?

A: Typically it takes TPC thirty to sixty days to turn around a “first round” of edits for works of under 100,000 words. Subsequent rounds typically take about thirty days. These timelines, however, are dependent on a number of circumstances, and may increase during busier times. TPC operates on a “first come, first serve” basis, meaning that authors under contract receive first priority of dates.

Q: Does TPC use any specific style guides?

A: Yes, TPC uses the Chicago Manual of Style, unless otherwise directed. We’re happy to accommodate authors’ requests regarding usage and style.

Q: Does TPC require a contract?

A: Yes, TPC does require our authors to sign our Editorial Services Contract, which stipulates due dates and payment terms. Should you wish to see a copy of our contract, please e-mail:

Q: Do you offer literary agent services?

A: At this point, TPC does not offer official literary agent services, though if we see an excellent match between your work and the type of work an acquisitions editor in our network acquires, we will do our best to make a connection.

Q: If I work with TPC, is there a better chance my work will be accepted by traditional publishers?

A: While TPC does our utmost best to strengthen every manuscript, in the competitive world of traditional publishing there is no guarantee that edited manuscripts will be selected for publication. Our focus is on making the existing manuscript the best it can possibly be.

Q: Where are you located? What are your business hours? 

A: We are located in downtown Chicago,  between the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. Our business hours are 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Q: What brought you do this work? Why do you do what you do?

A: An avid reader since childhood, Tricia Parker came to publishing after a career in T.V. and print journalism. From day one, Tricia felt she “found her path,” and revels in the fact that she gets to work behind the scenes, reading, editing, and advising, while also learning something new with each book.

Some of her all-time favorite authors include Hans Christian Andersen, Orson Scott Card, Barry Lopez, Sloane Crosley, Steven Pinker, and Richard Yates—though she is always on the hunt for new voices.