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Enterprise Reporting Portfolio

Note: Double-starred (**) entries represent story ideas independently pitched by Tricia Parker

Front-page stories:


First-Person Features:

  •  ** New Eastside’s Snow Removal Team (Jan. 2017, New Eastside News)
  • ** My Adventure in a Six-Person Surrey Bike: Fun, Yet Fraught with Danger (May-June 2017, New Eastside News)

Hard News:


Front-of-book “News” section:

Additional Articles: 

  • **Get Pointed Help with Group Acupuncture – Time Out Chicago
  • **Good Vibrations: Soak Up Some Healing Sounds at a Gong-Bath Workshop – Time Out Chicago
  • The Passion of the Bike – Time Out Chicago
  • Around Town: ‘Preserving Chicago’s Future’ at the Chicago Architectural Foundation –  Time Out Chicago
  • Fish Bar Serves up Sustainable Seafood – Redeye
  • AKIN LP Gears up for B-day Bash May 29 – Redeye
  • **RJ Grunts Rolls Out New Late-Night Menu; Hours – Redeye
  • **Taco Joint to Open New Take-Out Window – Redeye
  • **Floating World’s Online Auction Puts Rare Art at Your Fingertips – Redeye
  • $799,000 Cozy Corner Unit – Redeye
  • $299,000 Penthouse Triplex Timber Loft – Redeye
  • Poolside View from $729,000 Townhouse – Redeye
  • Meet Amy – Chicago Tribune,  Redeye
  • **Portrait of the Universe: “Infinigon” – Conscious Choice
  • **The King of Cob – Conscious Choice
  • Office Holiday Party Tips and Traps: Making the Most of Your Party Experience, Without Making a Fool of Yourself – The Legal Intelligencer
  • Balancing Babies and Billable Hours: Revisiting the Struggle to Juggle Work and Childcare Demands – The Legal Intelligencer         
  • A Little Law School – In a Box – The Legal Intelligencer
  • Villanova Law Students Win Iraqi Family Asylum in Life-or-Death Case – The Legal Intelligencer
  • Taking the YLD Forward: Solo Practicioner Alan Nochumson Steps up to Chair Philadelphia’s YLD – The Legal Intelligencer
  • Love & Law: Philadelphia’s Young Lawyers Make Love a Thorny Priority – The Legal Intelligencer
  • Goodbye, Happy Hour: Hello, Matchmaker – The Legal Intelligencer